Awards & Scholarships

Morvant Outstanding Member Award

Any person who has been a member for five (5) years or more and has not received the award in the past ten (10) years is eligible for nomination.

  1. Service to the New Orleans Association
  2. Service to his or her Company
  3. Adherence to the Ethics of ISM and the By-Laws of the New Orleans Association
  4. Professional example
  5. Personal integrity

For those members who are not familiar with who Emile L. Morvant was, the following is a brief synopsis:

Mr. Morvant served as President of P.M.A.G.N.O. (now called ISM—GNO) from 1940-41. He was employed by Southland Sugars. He and his company supported the Association even to the point of direct financial support during World War II. He was a very active member who required the utmost professionalism of everyone. His contributions allow us today to continue to benefit from this organization which has been in existence since 1924.

Emile L. Morvant Outstanding Membership Award Recipients

1980-1981 Edward V. Peters, C.P.M.
1981-1982 Edwin W. Stock, Sr., C.P.M.
1982-1983 Richard H. Lacoste
1983-1984 Stanley L. Mayo
1984-1985 Edwin J. Laizer, Jr., C.P.M.
1985-1986 Walter E. Johnson, Sr.
1986-1987 John F. Cox
1987-1988 Jerry K. Lambert, C.P.M.
1988-1989 Gilbert H. Brechtel, Jr.
1989-1990 Ulmont E. Mathis, C.P.M.
1990-1991 Carl J. Hudec, Sr., C.P.M.
1991-1992 Carl E. Smith, C.P.M.
1992-1993 Rose Ramsey, C.P.M.
1993-1994 Lynne A. Bachelder, C.P.M.
1994-1995 Lee S. Ferriss, C.P.M.
1995-1996 *** N O N E ***
1996-1997 Leonard A. Caruso, C.P.M.
1997-1998 Jessica P. Berlier, C.P.M.
1998-1999 M. Wayne Coker, C.P.M.
1999-2000 J. David Lister, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2000-2001 Mark R. Molaison, C.P.M.
2001-2002 Craig J. Verrette
2002-2003 Dione H. Gorum
2003-2004 Henry C. “Hank” Sobon, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2004-2005 Annette Morgan
2005-2006 David P. Aucoin, C.P.M.
2006-2007 Michael Broussard, C.P.M.
2007-2008 Michael Vavasseur, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2008-2009 Barry L. Blackledge, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2009-2010 Susan Varble
2010-2011 Yasemin Aksoy, Phd
2011-2012 Alfred (Al) Gahn
2012-2013 Bobbie Simon, C.P.M.
2013-2014 Fulton Hicks
2014-2015 Dennis Burke
2015-2016 Dennis Thomas, CPSM ,C.P.M.
2016-2017 Matt Primeau, CPSM
2017-2018 Neil Fisher, Cpsm & Dennis Thomas, CPSM, C.P.M.

Rose M. Ramsey Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2000-2001 Wayne E. Veillon, C.P.M.
2001-2002 Annette D. Morgan
2002-2003 Susan Chevalier-espree, C.P.M.
2003-2004 Steve M. Stanton
2004-2005 Pearline H. Wells, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2006-2007 Michael Vavasseur, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2007-2008 Roland “Sonny” Schaubhut
2008-2009 Brad Perque
2009-2010 Roland “Sonny” Schaubhut
2010-2011 Dione H. Gorum
2011-2012 Michael Broussard, C.P.M.
2012-2013 David Aucoin, C.P.M.
2013-2014 Matt Primeau, CPSM
2014-2015 Bobbie Simon, C.P.M.
2015-2016 Dennis Burke
2016-2017 Dennis Thomas, CPSM, C.P.M.
2017-2018 Sara Newman

Harold M. Cosgrove Award Recipients

1978 Richard H. Lacoste
1981 Ulmont E. Mathis Jr., C.P.M.