Chapter Overview

Chapter Overview

ISM—Greater New Orleans, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, professional organization comprised of purchasing, materials, and supply management personnel. ISM—GNO has been serving Southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast since 1924. For its superior programs and service to its members, ISM—GNO was given a Chapter Excellence Award by ISM in 2002 and 2003.

ISM—GNO exists to provide its members with professional and personal development in essential attitudes, skills, and knowledge that is needed to excel in the field of purchasing and supply management. ISM—GNO educates its members on current and emerging techniques, processes, and practices needed for continued success and profitability.

With approximately 150 members in the Greater New Orleans chapter, ISM—GNO offers its members an excellent opportunity for networking and education. As a member of ISM—GNO, you will receive many benefits and services.

  • Professional growth through a network.
  • Chapter meetings and programs featuring exciting speakers with timely and cutting edge topics each month.
  • Members’ discount on CPSM and CPSD classes and ISM certification review workshops.
  • The opportunity for personal and professional growth by becoming a member of the ISM—GNO chapter management team.
  • Access to the career resources where you can review and apply to various job opportunities.
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Opportunity to acquire new skills in planning, managing, and organizing while developing your leadership potential by volunteering as a committee member.

For more information about membership, please visit our Membership page.

ISM—GNO’s meetings are educational dinner meetings typically held the third week of every month, featuring experienced and knowledgeable guest speakers. Locations vary to accommodate the diverse locations of our members. Please visit our Education Calendar for more information on these monthly meetings.

Former Presidents

1924-1925 N. B. Rhodes
1925-1926 R. J. Prois
1926-1927 J. E. Gootz
1927-1929 N. B. Rhodes
1929-1930 H. J. Tobelmann
1930-1931 E. J. Ficken
1931-1932 D. E. Strain
1932-1934 J. A. Weigand
1934-1936 R. H. Garrot
1936-1937 C. J. Alexander
1937-1938 Austin Loftwich
1938-1939 A. G. Clark
1939-1940 L. E. Stein
1940-1941 Emile L. Morvant
1941-1942 C. F. Mcdougal
1942-1943 Charles J. Beck
1943-1944 Paul E. Olliver
1944-1945 Fred E. Lind
1945-1946 Robert N. Dowling
1946-1947 E. A. Schlessinger
1947-1948 Stanley Mayo
1948-1949 James J. Morse
1949-1950 George Bosworth
1950-1951 Thomas Born
1951-1952 W. Hardy Klarquist
1952-1953 N. J. Gubler
1953-1954 N. F. Hilbert
1954-1955 Edward Koehl
1955-1956 Guss Wintle
1956-1957 G. U. Stanford
1957-1958 Vill East
1958-1959 Ed J. Tuohy, Jr.
1959-1960 Felix Dreyfus
1960-1961 Henry Marhal, C.P.M.
1961-1962 Roy A. Perrin, C.P.M.
1962-1963 Edward V. Peters, C.P.M.
1963-1964 John B. Anderson
1964-1965 Ulmont. E. Mathis Jr., C.P.M.
1965-1966 Lee Vorisek
1966-1967 Robert E. Alyea, C.P.M.
1967-1968 Robert Longacre
1968-1969 John B. Anderson
1969-1970 Edwin J. Laizer, C.P.M.
1970-1971 Charles W. Dittmer, C.P.M.
1971-1972 E. P. Johnson, Jr.
1972-1973 Gary W. Acklin, C.P.M.
1973-1974 Thomas Todd, C.P.M.
1974-1975 Peter H. Doskey
1975-1976 J. Barry Vedros, C.P.M.
1976-1977 Richard H. Lacoste
1977-1978 Gerald J. Fredrick, C.P.M.
1978-1979 Walter Eagan, Honorary
1978-1979 Rubin “hap” Chandler
1979-1980 Robert J. Williams, C.P.M.
1980-1981 Walter E. Johnson, Sr.
1981-1982 John F. Cox, C.P.M.
1982-1983 Klar A. Rovira, Iii, C.P.M.
1983-1984 Gilbert H. Brechtel, Jr.
1984-1985 Jerry K. Lambert, C.P.M.
1985-1986 Carl J. Hudec, Sr., C.P.M.
1986-1987 Carl E. Smith, C.P.M.
1987-1988 John J. Stoltz
1988-1989 Lynne A. Bachelder, C.P.M.
1989-1990 Rose M. Ramsey, C.P.M.
1990-1991 Everett J. Kerth, Jr., C.P.M.
1991-1992 Marie M. Montalbano, C.P.M.
1992-1993 Lee S. Ferriss, C.P.M.
1993-1994 Leonard A. Caruso, C.P.M.
1994-1995 J. David Lister, C.P.M.
1995-1996 M. Wayne Coker, C.P.M.
1996-1997 Louis P. Gilberti, C.P.M.
1997-1998 Terrance G. Baker
1998-1999 Donna Mitchell-thomas, C.P.M.
1999-2000 James A. Hesse, Jr., C.P.M.
2000-2003 Mark R. Molaison, C.P.M.
2003-2005Dione H. Gorum
2005-2007 Barry L. Blackledge, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2007-2011 Michael Broussard, C.P.M.
2011-2014 Bobbie Simon, C.P.M.
2014-2015 Matt Primeau, CPSM
2015-2018 Michael Vavasseur, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2018-Present Neil Fisher, CPSM

Board of Directors